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    Helping people has always been my passion. For as far back as I can remember, my goal was to make everything right in everyone else’s world. It never mattered who or why; it could have been my Kindergarten buddy get her finger painting “perfect” or helping a family move forward onto bigger and better things. This is why I ended up being a social worker for so many years. To me there is nothing better than to go to bed every night knowing I made a difference in someone else’s life. Being a real estate agent gives me that same satisfaction. Knowing that you have trusted me with one of your most
    valuable possessions is not something I take lightly or for granted. I believe in the power of patience, connections and most importantly perseverance. The single biggest and most important event in most people’s lives is buying and selling their home. I am here to help you and guide you. I am not here to ramble on and on about my expertise (although I will if you want me too) I am here to talk less, listen more and find out what your dreams are. Then it’s my job is to travel and guide you down the awesome path of creating your next steps.

    Between changing the toilet paper, deciphering a text messages from a 17 year old who is trying to explain for the 20th time why I should let him spend $125 on a pair of shoes, cleaning the baked on mac and cheese in my microwave, trying to figure out what that black and green thing with legs growing in my fridge is, and being a goddess to my husband, I am not all that un-ordinary.

    I have 5 teenagers and 1 young adult, a great husband, a dog and a frog I rescued just in the nick of time from a black snake that wanted to make him dinner. Although we sound a lot like the Brady Bunch rest assured we are not, the Brady’s had a maid, I do NOT.

    I have 5 teenagers at home, who seem to forget that if you don’t plug in the vacuum, you are actually not doing anything. I truly believe God forgot to give them the ability to put the cap on the tooth paste or rinse out the sink. He also seemed to take away their ability to live without snapchat every 5 seconds or stoop down and pick up a piece of trash that they have walked completely around for a week.

    I have a dog who insists on waking me up on my “mornings off” by jumping on my face and sitting there until I take him out. This normally occurs at 6:oo AM (did I mention that he is 56 lbs.)? Like all 90’s children, I grew up believing I could do anything, and be anything I wanted….I am still not over that lie!

    Come on, I wanted to be Superwoman….that was a major let down. I am a little overweight and took it upon myself to workout (more like kill myself and pay money for it) with a personal trainer who has made it his mission to make every single muscle in my body scream in pain at least 4 times week. I spent my 20’s and 30’s trying to look like Stevie Nicks, only to come to the conclusion that she must have a lypo-suction god on stand-by. I’ve been told I’m cheap, and I tend to touch things that I shouldn’t and break them in the process. Believe it or not, I once broke the handle on an antique toilet in the Biltmore House….I never knew I could run so fast….my personal trainer would have been so proud. In all honesty, I truly love my life and my career, I wouldn’t take anything for what I have. I would love to get to know you and see what kind of mischief (legal of course) we could find while searching for your forever home.

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