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    How to Keep Your Asheville Area House Cool During a Heat Wave

    If the summer heat is turning your house into an oven and causing the air conditioning bill to go through the roof, continue reading for some great tips from Today’s Homeowner to help you keep cool and save energy.

    We’re lucky to have a distinct four-season weather pattern, but many area natives and long-time residents will tell you summer is lasting longer and getting hotter.

    Like during winter months, homes need to be properly readied and cared for in order for it to help regulate temperatures and save us money on utilities. Below, Roost Home Watch, offers a few more lesser known tips to help beat the heat & save a few bucks, too.

    • Take cooler, shorter showers to prevent humidity building up in the house.
    • Clean drying vent pipe & lint screen regularly to help reduce drying time.
    • Change or clean your AC air filter monthly during highest use month to keep air flowing easily so the AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard & cost you more money.
    • Keep windows closed & locked and doors closed to prevent cool air from escaping. If you have older windows, check for gaps and fill with weather stripping.
    • Unplug electronics when not in use. Turning them “off” doesn’t actually turn them off and electronics like TVs generate a lot of heat.
    • Always use your vent hood when cooking to help pull out excess heat.
    • Use cool lighting (LED or low-heat CFL). It will save you money, too!


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