Staging Checklist For Your Asheville Area Home


    Selling your home?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Below is a plan from PODS to help you stage your home, which is an essential part of the process.


     General Checklist:

    o Reduce the number of family photos throughout your home.
    o Use scented items to create an inviting smell in your home. Bad odors can deter some
    o Clean all windows inside and out, ensuring they are functioning properly. If during the winter
    months, cleaning the inside of the windows should be sufficient.
    o Repair broken items in your house (doors, cracks, etc.). In most cases buyers will ask for
    broken items to be repaired.
    o Rearrange furniture or move furniture room to room to create more space and open area.
    o Vacuum all carpet and hard wood floors.
    o Scrub and clean tile and grout throughout your house.
    o Empty the garbage daily to reduce odors.
    o Repair all holes in walls.

     Inside Home:

    o Bathrooms:
     Clean all surfaces. Put toiletries in drawers or cabinets.
     Leave out a bottle of hand soap or a clean bar of soap, along with a hand towel.
     Fold in thirds on towel racks daily. Purchase new towels if needed.
     Clear all items out of shower stalls and tubs except for necessities.
     Keep toilet lids closed.
     Hide garbage can and cleaning supplies out of sight.
     Clean the shower curtain, or replace if needed.
     Repair any cracking or peeling areas and clean any moldy areas. Paint if needed.
     Give your shower and tub a fresh bead of silicone caulking around the edges to
    make them look neat and clean.

    o Bedrooms:
     Make beds daily and replace bedding if needed.
     Clear off night stands, dressers, etc.
     Pick up all clothes off the floor.
     Store extra books, magazines, or miscellaneous items underneath the bed.
     Keep closet doors closed. If you have a walk-in closet keep the floor clean and free
    of laundry and clutter.

    o Closets:
     Make sure the doors open easily. Fix any creaking sounds.
     Arrange items to create a tidier closet.
     Den, Family Room, Living Room, Sun Room:
     Clear off all coffee tables and end tables.
     Remove all ashtrays.
     Move pet food bowls out of sight.

    o Dining Room:
     Clear off dining table, leave a center piece or other decorative item.
     Remove additional leaves from tables to make the room look bigger.

    o Kitchen:
     Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen countertops.
     Remove all pictures, magnets, drawings, messages, etc. from the refrigerator.
     Repair broken tile or loose corners on counters.
     Clean the stovetop and oven.(Several days prior) Replace burner pans if they are
    badly stained.
     Keep the kitchen sink clean and empty.
     Remove all soaps, sponges, and supplies out of sight and under the sink.

    o Laundry Rooms:
     Keep counters and sink clean and empty.
     Make sure that light bulbs are working, replace with higher wattage bulbs to create
    more light if needed.
     Put soaps, towels, etc. in cupboards.


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